Catharsis & Sound

Blind Burners was conceived in 2019 as we planned our trip to Black Rock City, Nevada. Our ideas really began to take shape in Spring 2020. On April 20th, our friends at Burning Man Project (‘BMP’) announced that Black Rock City in 2020 would not be built in the physical world. It would, however, be … Continue Reading

Our Birth – Silly & Soulful

This time yesterday I was reading a chapter about “partible paternity”, a belief present among many South American horticulturalist and hunter gatherer societies, that pregnancy is viewed as a matter of degree, not clearly distinguished from gestation… Well, after approximately nine months, and with several fathers and mothers, I feel that our organisational baby, Blind … Continue Reading

Art on Fire Again – from Francis Bacon to Embrace

Fire: its emotional intensity, potency in rebellions, and insistence on transformation, are key to my experience of Art and its opening of new possibilities. Perhaps not surprising for a kid making his way to the fire-splashed playa from York, a Northern English town infamous for raising Guy Faulkes, whose plot to blow up the Houses … Continue Reading